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Bothering Snape by KagaTsuki Bothering Snape :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 7 2 Kuutsu Reference page by KagaTsuki Kuutsu Reference page :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 4 4 .:A Quiet Moment:. HisokeAlice by KagaTsuki .:A Quiet Moment:. HisokeAlice :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 9 10
Bright Eyes Chptr 2 Prt 1
Sitting around the light orb that Teia had brought, the three split the contents of the basket Shel's mother had packed.
"Things really haven't changed much, have they?"  Snicks said, around a mouthful of her sandwich.  There had been three of them, and Teia was glaring daggers at Shel for not telling her that her friend had been back for a few days, and he was wearing a very contented smirk.  "Are you still going after Rosemary, tooth and nail, Teia?"
Teia scowled.  "Of course.  She's not going to steal another of my finds like that again."
"You're hardly the only person who's ever going to be up these mountains though."  Shel said, though the distracted way he said it hinted that this was an old argument neither was willing to give up.  "Anyone could have been in those buildings first."
"You've seen the dust, you know we were the first to set foot in those buildings in years!"  Came the protest, "And she
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.:Bright Eyes:. Chptr 1 prt 2
     The door had opened onto a long tunnel, with cracked and aged stairs.  On either side of the floor ran a flat slope, which had slight grooves cut into it as if something had constantly rolled over the same spot.  Shel scampered own them, until he caught up with Teia, pressing one hand against her back.  The walls were damp, and a chill was already working its fingers into their bones as they continue down, down, own…  The stairs seemed to go on forever.  Water was dripping from an unknown source, leaving puddles on the floor and trails of mildew down the walls, which reflected Teia's light in soft waves.  It glinted dully from steel candleholders on the walls, which if had been lit, might have made the place cheery before years of neglect wore it away.  
     At the moment, however, the darkness seemed alive, and angry.  Shel had the unsettling fee
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.:Bright Eyes:. Chptr 1, Prt 1
     Silverwind was a peaceful place, private and quiet, and home to one of the largest temples to Shirkya, The Seer on the whole planet.  However, this temple being on the other side of town, and Shirkya being the private Goddess that she was, there was no really disturbance to the residents of the sleepy place.  Everyone knew everyone, and everyone was especially aware of one bright, energetic girl whose passion for trouble set her as far apart from her fellows as a cat from a dog.
So it wasn't unusual when, early one weekend morning, a tall well-groomed older woman with a sore scalp looked bleary-eyed into her mirror one morning to find her rich, forest green hair had changed color, seemingly over night.
"TEIAAAAAAA!"  Her mother's scream of rage sent the culprit's hand clamping over her mouth to prevent her laughter from giving her away.   She leapt off the porch swing where she had taken refuge against the antic
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.:Bright Eyes:. Prologe.
     Kyr Bright-Eyes, the Trickster, was not, on the whole, an evil god.  He was mischievous, flighty, fairly selfish, and at time, decidedly untrustworthy.
But not evil, no more then Lady was evil, for all that she ushered souls into the next life. 
     For he was also intelligent, keen, clever, inspired, and always quick on the uptake, while being loyal to those he thought worthy of it, and he never tried to hurt for the sake of hurting, deeming it far beneath him.
     He had his following of the most unlikely people through out the Seven Worlds.  The most numerous, thieves, liars, con men, were those who used their wits above all other skills to survive.  But there were those who lived normal lives that had also heard his call.  
     They were playful, quick to anger or make laugh, and danced at a carefully constructed bord
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New ID .:PrOm NiGhT:. by KagaTsuki New ID .:PrOm NiGhT:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 2 8 P+SwG .:DiE mOfO:. Base by KagaTsuki P+SwG .:DiE mOfO:. Base :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 255 17 Be The Troll .:Friyaa Oniska:. by KagaTsuki Be The Troll .:Friyaa Oniska:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 10 3 .:Black Luck:. WIP by KagaTsuki .:Black Luck:. WIP :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 25 14 .:Under the Sea:. by KagaTsuki .:Under the Sea:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 15 9 Touch the Sky .:.Francios.:. by KagaTsuki Touch the Sky .:.Francios.:. :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 9 3
Mature content
Violence .:Hurricane: Kimblee :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 6 4
.:Lets Kill:. Bloody Murder by KagaTsuki .:Lets Kill:. Bloody Murder :iconkagatsuki:KagaTsuki 13 10
Death is like a House
When I think these things in my head, they float across my mind in a legible order, prim, proper, and clear to understand.  
But when face with a screen and keyboard, or a paper and pencil, they are scattered like dry leaves in a wind, to be scattered in no real order and too dead to have any real substance.
Anything I say is a worn out husk, tired, and dieing, loosing what little it had to escape.
I think most people don't understand what death is to me as a person, what it is to me as a suicidal person.  Death is not scary, is not something to give in to.  
Death is like a house.
You are born, and you see it as a house beyond a gate, usually, with a pleasant garden and up a long hill.  The fence is high, but not too high to cross. It may be scary, it may just be there, saying that you are not to enter yet.  In any case, you spend your life with many other people who will also one day, enter the gate, and you know you will too. 
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So, yeah, back.  Huzzah.

Probably not going to be very active for a long while, if ever, just because real life and such.  I have been drawing, but I just don't care too much about uploading it here; if I do start scanning it on to the computer, it's probably going right onto my tumblr, and I'll give a link to it if that happens.


plus, I might be doing something about my bases...  Either deleting them or scrapping them, or moving to storage...  IDK.

I do have an idea for a story about my Bleach OC simmering in the back of my mind, so that might go up here too.  Or something.
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